Well.. ask the children if they call this art

A mural that fits the game perfectly

Did you know there is a game called “cows, chickens, sheep and pigs”? I didn’t. Haha… But ever since last weekend I will never ever forget it. Because last weekend I spray painted a massive cow, some chickens (and omelettes), happy sheep and a super pink pig on the walls of a youth association. Fun right?

Whoops, finished the pink cans!

Every week about 300 children are going crazy in this room. In smaller groups of course. And every single one of them knows the rules of the game by heart. As weird as it sounds, they love it. The youngest are 6 years old, the bigger ones around 16. My focus group? The little ones. Obviously. What color do they like most? Pink!! The piggy is already favourite, by far. I call him Sherbert.

Ow… Main goal of the game?

This game, I think it’s created by someone who wanted to tire out the kids. Because it’s all about running. The game leader calls out one kind of animal and the kids run. The slowest kid drops out. The fastest kid wins the game, when all the slower ones have dropped out.

“Cow!” – The kids run to the wall with the cow on it.

“Chickens!” – The kids run to the wall with the chickens on it.

“Sheeps!” – The kids run to the wall with the sheep on it.

“Pigs!” – Guess what?!

Easy peasy!


There’s always a bigger fish. May the paint be with you..



PdeG draws for Branded Free against modern slavery

Whoop whoop, my drawing at auction for charity!

During a special event in The Harbour Club in Amsterdam last friday, people had the opportunity to make a bid and support the fight against modern slavery. The drawing I sponsored for this cause symbolised the deep emotional and physical pain that a lot of women suffer from.

Highest bid?! € 150,-

The charity: Branded Free by Shared Network

Branding. To highlight ownership. To tell the world: “Mine!”. The effects on the branded people? Their dignity, gone. Lost power of their own body! Captivity. The results are unreal. The majority of victims can be found in forced prostitution. Branded Free tries to save those girls. They are helping them to build up a new life. A free life. And… to cover up the brand marks.

My drawing at the event in Amsterdam

I was a sponsor, so were about 12 others with me. This special evening was filled with a silent auction, presentations about the charity from the organisation, sponsors and we even got to listen to the story of a saved victim. There also was a tattoo artist. She donated 12 tattoos for free that night, plus she’s going to cover the brand marks of some of the victims of modern slavery. Music and a bar. In short: a fun, super useful and hugely inspiring night. Thank you Branded Free, the work you are doing is amazing!



Whoohoo! is online!

Check out my very own brand! The name? Art by PdeG

After the decision to start my very own brand was made, live turned into a rollercoaster. Amazing and crazy as hell. The ride turns out to be fantastic though. From telling people about my new adventures, registering my company name (Art by PdeG) and designing my own logo. I love it! My business cards are traveling the world faster than I am, and now my website is online. Oof, the website. A steep hill to climb. However now though, I am a flipping pro. WordPress = mine!

Painting, drawing and my design work

Painting, drawing and my design work. I’ve been building my own style since forever. I have never had a solid response to the question “Paul, can you show me some of your work?”, other than “… ehm sure, look under some bridges…”. Until a couple of weeks ago. I saw the light: I need a portfolio. I need a website. I need to show my work to the crowd. Why? Because it gives me widest smile imaginable.

What do you think of my website?

Creating is my passion. But I’ve never thought building my own website would be so satisfying. Digging through the pictures I’ve taken over the years, criticising my own work over and over, again and again, only to discover which works I like best. Friend and family spontaneously started to send me pictures of the works I’ve made for them. “For your portfolio.”, they said. The support I get.. one word: ‘Amazing’. So this is it. This is my website. This is the project I’ve been working on for the last couple of weeks. What do you think?

Please, help me to conquer the world!

So I want to spread my artwork all over the world. Wanna help me become world famous? Nah, just kidding. Fame doesn’t thrive me. Just let me be creative and colour the world. However though.. if you have a project and no one else can help you, maybe you can hire the PdeG-team! Drop me an email at and I will turn whatever you have, into amazing art.