I share my creativity with the children

The little ones loved the coloring picture I’ve made

Some days people ask you to do something new. Like drawing and design a coloring picture as a marketing tool. Cool!! It was for Sinterklaas. The dutch saint who’s birthday we celebrate on december 5th. Head theme? Veggies!

The client let me down and decided she loved Christmas more. Yup, throw away all of my hard work and start over. But I didn’t. Of course I did not! I realized I could make a lot of children happy with it.

It’s all about marketing!

I opened my mailbox and typed in all the names of the people who had kids or who are working with children. Like schools, kindergartens or who just knew a bunch of them. Added my work.. send! Not for the marketing. But because I want to bring a smile to the faces of the little ones. And it worked… So f* ing well!

Spread the colours! Colorize together

What happened after was amazing 🙂 My phone started to dance by all the messages it received. Happy parents, thankful teachers and a lot of photographs of smiling children. It made me … how can I describe the feeling.. it made me ecstatic, euphoric, thrilled, elated, delighted, on cloud nine, in seventh heaven, jubilant!! This is awesome!!

I color the world.. and the children are with me.



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