My business cards: collect them all!

I am a multidisciplinary artist

As an artist, of course I need to bring exactly what the clients want. Perfectly suited to their needs, or completely out of the box. It’s all about the perfect match. Always.

One business card for everyone 

My drawings, spraypainted murals or paintings (of course I also do some online design work). Everybody seems to want a piece of me. Just kidding. But every client wants something different. Some people just like the naked girls I draw. Others go mental over my murals. What to do.. what to do? Well, what if I could just give people a business card that would actually really highlight the style they are interested in.

Collect all 5

5 types of business cards, all with a specific purpose. Of course one with my very unique boobie-tree-women-drawings, why not right? The kids turn out to be my biggest fans. The trees taking shape thing is not really for them, so I designed a card with a robot and an astronaut on it. Cute. To be honest, drawing robots: awesome. Designed another, which is just plain blank. Why? Well because some days people ask me if I’m able to draw a.. whatever. Screaming ‘Of course!’ while whipping out a white card and drawing it on it. It just works. I have one which is just simply and beautifully designed and another one which you will only get when you happen to stumble upon on of my #Luckyfinds.

Will you be able to collect them all?

Almost forgot to tell you: Friends are like potatoes. When you eat them, they die.

Bye mates!




From broken water pump to a logo on your wall

How I paid for repairing my graffitivan with what my momma gave me

Nooooo, my camper broke down. While driving from Sicily to Bari, the Benz was starting to sound like it was going to lift up any second.  All it was missing was wings. Sh*t, what now?! Before I even parked the van, about 3 or 4 tiny Italian gentlemen walked up to my window pointing at their forehead, while making that typical Italian gesture with their other hand. Open the hood is what they told me. Ok, will do. A mechanic was needed, so one of the elderly Italian dudes whipped out his Nokia 3310 and told some petrolhead to get there, pronto!

Painted logo and panzerotti

After 15 minutes, the mechanic was there and told me to turn on the engine. 3 seconds later he knew what the problem was, but he needed to order the part. So me and the crippled Benz waited. No need to complain, because the tiny Italian dudes all told their wives to cook us some pasta, resulting in a 4 course Italian dinner. Brilliant! After 3 days, the part was swiftly put into the Benz and we were good to go. Result: Humming Benz, Happy and broke me. So I asked the guy if we could work something out. Which turned out to be no problem. “Paint my wall and the water pump is yours”. Next day, after a splendid panzerotti-party back at the parking, I painted the logo on the wall of his garage. Paying with paint, perfecto! Grazie amico mio!

Satisfaction of paying with paint

Money, not for me. Every time I start the Benz’s engine, I’m going mental over the awesome roaring sound from under the hood. Ok ok, so the Benz could use some more color, I’m working on it. I’m rather busy 😉


Promise me this: when your car or camper or plane breaks down somewhere in Basilicata, go to my new friend Antonio at Carrozzeria Montesano, because you’ll get to watch some awesome graffiti, while he fixes your wheels:

I paint to express, not to impress.



Streetart that will amaze loads of travelers

The graffitivan and my latest piece at an awesome camperplatz

The owner built a brand new wall. Logically, I asked him in my best Italiano: “Should I paint it?!” Street Art turned out to be the two magical words. Whoopwhoop! Popped my spraycans out of the back and got to work. A 30 meter long wall, with little palm- and banana trees in front of it. When I finished the wall, all the owner and his wife could say was “Belisimo”. It was still quiet at the camping during weekdays. Looking forward to see the reactions of the big camper drivers during the weekend.

Birds! Because colorful graffiti is f*ing awesome

Have you seen my portfolio? Here’s a link if you haven’t: Wall & Stuff. Different right? Saw some flamingos when I was in a park a few weeks back. Ever notice that they look like worms with wings when they fly? This wall is 30 meters long. Enough to soak up all of the paint I have, so completely filling the wall wasn’t really an option. We’re heading for Albania in a week and I have no idea where to buy my favorite brand of paint there. So no wall filling mural. Also, it would have taken me forever to finish it. Besides, I’ve always liked the rugged look of concrete, so this turned out to be the perfect wall to try something new. Why birds? Well, the small palm trees and banana leaves in front of it, give the wall a kind of junglish look. Thought I would profit from that by painting some exotic animals. Birds of course have feathers which gave me the perfect opening to let the birds emerge from some chaotic expressive abstract linework. This wall was so enjoyable that I finished it in less than a day. Anybody else need some birds? Hit me up at

My motto during this one?

“Drink some coffee. Put on some gangster rap. Handle that shit.”

Saluti tuti!


P.S. If you’re curious, check it out at Aurora Parking, Giardini Naxos, Sicily

Art: The graffiti van for the good cause

The guys from Haarlem, raising money to help KWF

Cycling is a big part of the future. It has to be. There must be something wrong with a society that drives a car to workout in a gym. Well.. 20 days, more than 2000 km, 18 stages, more than 100 kilometers a day. Piece of cake? Nope. But that’s what Pim, Neal and Frenk are doing this summer. Not for nothing, because during this grand event, they raise money for KWF to help in cancer research. They cycle and the homies Robin and Seppe follow them with a camper, make drone movies, cook them diner, and give massages.

My friends cycle, I paint

Nicknames like Drankie, De Stoemper, Tomba, Ploegleider en Het Duracell Konijn. Pfff… however they are my friends and of course their adventure makes me super proud. I’ve known them since high school and I’m happy they’re doing something useful for once 😉 Obviously they stole the whole camper idea from me, but I am happy I was able to help on that front. Cycling is their hobby and in my eyes, KWF is a pretty good cause. Since I can’t really support them financially, uh.. (emptied the sock under my mattress to keep the Benz rolling), I painted their logo on the side of the graffiti van.

Painting for charity – Support

To everybody who sees the Benz, I present Ploegmaats – Booyah! Logo exposure! The message? “Support”. I support the guys my way, which means you can too. Check out their website at to help them with their tour from Haarlem to John ‘O Groats and remember that all raised money goes to charity.


“I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you want. If you are looking for charity I can tell you I don’t have money, but what I do have are a very particular set of skills. If you don’t call me now, that’ll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you, but if you do, I will look for you, I will find you and I will paint you something.”



Well.. ask the children if they call this art

A mural that fits the game perfectly

Did you know there is a game called “cows, chickens, sheep and pigs”? I didn’t. Haha… But ever since last weekend I will never ever forget it. Because last weekend I spray painted a massive cow, some chickens (and omelettes), happy sheep and a super pink pig on the walls of a youth association. Fun right?

Whoops, finished the pink cans!

Every week about 300 children are going crazy in this room. In smaller groups of course. And every single one of them knows the rules of the game by heart. As weird as it sounds, they love it. The youngest are 6 years old, the bigger ones around 16. My focus group? The little ones. Obviously. What color do they like most? Pink!! The piggy is already favourite, by far. I call him Sherbert.

Ow… Main goal of the game?

This game, I think it’s created by someone who wanted to tire out the kids. Because it’s all about running. The game leader calls out one kind of animal and the kids run. The slowest kid drops out. The fastest kid wins the game, when all the slower ones have dropped out.

“Cow!” – The kids run to the wall with the cow on it.

“Chickens!” – The kids run to the wall with the chickens on it.

“Sheeps!” – The kids run to the wall with the sheep on it.

“Pigs!” – Guess what?!

Easy peasy!


There’s always a bigger fish. May the paint be with you..



Creating art in the heart of the company

A painting that makes all the colleagues at the office smile

There is a big white wall in front of me. The only thing on it is an even whiter whiteboard. It’s the wall of the sales department of an IT-company in Haarlem. Did I already mention the wall is big and white? And very empty. For now. Whoohoo, big empty white walls: my favorite! Work for me to do. Task? Make it cool. Make it fun. Make it Successfully!

A fun mural for my ex-colleagues

Before I became a freelance artist, I worked at this very IT-company. The sales guys were my direct colleagues. The day I told them I would quit my job, they told me they were about to move to another location. With a lot of white walls…

My former boss said “I’m in!” and gave me the assignment to transform this boring wall into a fresh and exciting party. On one condition: he wanted me to reserve a place in the mural for the company values. Okidoki, I’m on it! Another mural on demand.

All I needed was a sharpy and some paint

I chose my weapons and created this very fun bookcase. All in black with subtle details in orange and blue. The Successfully-colors. The cool thing about this mural is that it will never bore you. It just keeps surprising you with new elements. And the combination between fine and bold lines brings depth into the drawing, you see? You just can’t keep your eye off of it. You need to look at it, but it won’t distract you from doing your job. Seems perfect, doesn’t it?

“But.. but.. why is there a pizza in the bookcase?”

“Well.. Real G’s move in silence, like lasagna!”

I’m out! 


I share my creativity with the children

The little ones loved the coloring picture I’ve made

Some days people ask you to do something new. Like drawing and design a coloring picture as a marketing tool. Cool!! It was for Sinterklaas. The dutch saint who’s birthday we celebrate on december 5th. Head theme? Veggies!

The client let me down and decided she loved Christmas more. Yup, throw away all of my hard work and start over. But I didn’t. Of course I did not! I realized I could make a lot of children happy with it.

It’s all about marketing!

I opened my mailbox and typed in all the names of the people who had kids or who are working with children. Like schools, kindergartens or who just knew a bunch of them. Added my work.. send! Not for the marketing. But because I want to bring a smile to the faces of the little ones. And it worked… So f* ing well!

Spread the colours! Colorize together

What happened after was amazing 🙂 My phone started to dance by all the messages it received. Happy parents, thankful teachers and a lot of photographs of smiling children. It made me … how can I describe the feeling.. it made me ecstatic, euphoric, thrilled, elated, delighted, on cloud nine, in seventh heaven, jubilant!! This is awesome!!

I color the world.. and the children are with me.



This graffiti turned the living room around!

A paint job that made this living room ‘artsome’!

Wanna know what I did last weekend? I’ve painted a 36 m2 wall in somebody’s brand new house. Brand new? Yup, like brand brand new. There hasn’t even been a housewarming yet. For sure my huge painting is going to blow away everyone at that housewarming party next week. The mere size of it is so impressive, let alone the flamboyant colors.

Diner in a spray painted sunflower field

The coolest colors turn the living room and kitchen into a Mediterranean landscape. From today on, these people cook their dinners in een sunflower field, they eat next to a small lake and they watch tv in a wide field of grass and flowers. The colorful sunset makes it intense, romantic and real. The sleek interior ensures a fierce contrast with the intense colors of the landscape. It’s that unique combination that tilts the entire living room to a higher level.

48 spraycans turned this wall into a real artwork

48 spray cans, blood, sweat and my whole weekend are in this wall. Funny story: While I was doing the work, there was a party going on at the neighbors’. The guests saw what I was doing so they all came by to watch me work and wait for the great disclosure. The wall became my business card, the living room became my very own gallery. The best marketing I can get, right? Thanks Bart and Michelle for this amazing opportunity and the awesome music!

If there was a problem

Yo, I’ll solve it

Check out the wall while my spraycan revolves it

I’m out!


PdeG draws for Branded Free against modern slavery

Whoop whoop, my drawing at auction for charity!

During a special event in The Harbour Club in Amsterdam last friday, people had the opportunity to make a bid and support the fight against modern slavery. The drawing I sponsored for this cause symbolised the deep emotional and physical pain that a lot of women suffer from.

Highest bid?! € 150,-

The charity: Branded Free by Shared Network

Branding. To highlight ownership. To tell the world: “Mine!”. The effects on the branded people? Their dignity, gone. Lost power of their own body! Captivity. The results are unreal. The majority of victims can be found in forced prostitution. Branded Free tries to save those girls. They are helping them to build up a new life. A free life. And… to cover up the brand marks.

My drawing at the event in Amsterdam

I was a sponsor, so were about 12 others with me. This special evening was filled with a silent auction, presentations about the charity from the organisation, sponsors and we even got to listen to the story of a saved victim. There also was a tattoo artist. She donated 12 tattoos for free that night, plus she’s going to cover the brand marks of some of the victims of modern slavery. Music and a bar. In short: a fun, super useful and hugely inspiring night. Thank you Branded Free, the work you are doing is amazing!