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My business cards: collect them all!

I am a multidisciplinary artist As an artist, of course I need to bring exactly what the clients want. Perfectly suited to their needs, or completely out of the box. It’s all about the perfect match. Always. One business card for everyone  My drawings, spraypainted murals or paintings (of course I also do some online […]

Sparkling paint

PdeG shimmers with Verglitters Let’s sparkle this shit up! Ding dong, door bell: a box topped up with verfglitters. Sparkles in all different colors. Purple, yellow, blue and even gold and silver. Hmm.. what to do with this stuff.. Paint & throw or mix and paint? Aha, 2 big panels for a kindergarten on my […]

From broken water pump to a logo on your wall

How I paid for repairing my graffitivan with what my momma gave me Nooooo, my camper broke down. While driving from Sicily to Bari, the Benz was starting to sound like it was going to lift up any second.  All it was missing was wings. Sh*t, what now?! Before I even parked the van, about […]

Streetart that will amaze loads of travelers

The graffitivan and my latest piece at an awesome camperplatz The owner built a brand new wall. Logically, I asked him in my best Italiano: “Should I paint it?!” Street Art turned out to be the two magical words. Whoopwhoop! Popped my spraycans out of the back and got to work. A 30 meter long […]

Art: The graffiti van for the good cause

The guys from Haarlem, raising money to help KWF Cycling is a big part of the future. It has to be. There must be something wrong with a society that drives a car to workout in a gym. Well.. 20 days, more than 2000 km, 18 stages, more than 100 kilometers a day. Piece of […]

Well.. ask the children if they call this art

A mural that fits the game perfectly Did you know there is a game called “cows, chickens, sheep and pigs”? I didn’t. Haha… But ever since last weekend I will never ever forget it. Because last weekend I spray painted a massive cow, some chickens (and omelettes), happy sheep and a super pink pig on […]

Creating art in the heart of the company

A painting that makes all the colleagues at the office smile There is a big white wall in front of me. The only thing on it is an even whiter whiteboard. It’s the wall of the sales department of an IT-company in Haarlem. Did I already mention the wall is big and white? And very […]

I am a freelance creative artist

Why? Because I choose to do what I love the most Some fun facts about myself… I was a cook once. After highschool I went to hotel management school and became a sous chef after. I’ve worked in great hotels, big restaurants and I even lived in Switzerland for a while. But I always thought […]

I share my creativity with the children

The little ones loved the coloring picture I’ve made Some days people ask you to do something new. Like drawing and design a coloring picture as a marketing tool. Cool!! It was for Sinterklaas. The dutch saint who’s birthday we celebrate on december 5th. Head theme? Veggies! The client let me down and decided she […]

This graffiti turned the living room around!

A paint job that made this living room ‘artsome’! Wanna know what I did last weekend? I’ve painted a 36 m2 wall in somebody’s brand new house. Brand new? Yup, like brand brand new. There hasn’t even been a housewarming yet. For sure my huge painting is going to blow away everyone at that housewarming […]