My business cards: collect them all!

I am a multidisciplinary artist

As an artist, of course I need to bring exactly what the clients want. Perfectly suited to their needs, or completely out of the box. It’s all about the perfect match. Always.

One business card for everyone 

My drawings, spraypainted murals or paintings (of course I also do some online design work). Everybody seems to want a piece of me. Just kidding. But every client wants something different. Some people just like the naked girls I draw. Others go mental over my murals. What to do.. what to do? Well, what if I could just give people a business card that would actually really highlight the style they are interested in.

Collect all 5

5 types of business cards, all with a specific purpose. Of course one with my very unique boobie-tree-women-drawings, why not right? The kids turn out to be my biggest fans. The trees taking shape thing is not really for them, so I designed a card with a robot and an astronaut on it. Cute. To be honest, drawing robots: awesome. Designed another, which is just plain blank. Why? Well because some days people ask me if I’m able to draw a.. whatever. Screaming ‘Of course!’ while whipping out a white card and drawing it on it. It just works. I have one which is just simply and beautifully designed and another one which you will only get when you happen to stumble upon on of my #Luckyfinds.

Will you be able to collect them all?

Almost forgot to tell you: Friends are like potatoes. When you eat them, they die.

Bye mates!




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