PdeG Painting of underwater scene - commission

Sparkling paint

PdeG shimmers with Verglitters

Let’s sparkle this shit up! Ding dong, door bell: a box topped up with verfglitters. Sparkles in all different colors. Purple, yellow, blue and even gold and silver. Hmm.. what to do with this stuff..

Paint & throw or mix and paint?

Aha, 2 big panels for a kindergarten on my planning, one jungle themed, the other underwater. Pick the underwater one of course. Should be perfect for some shiny details. Let’s try this stuff out! Sand and some shells, thought it would be a good idea to use the ‘glitters’ in two different ways: mix ‘m in the paint or just throw ‘m against the wet panel. Conclusion? Jup, works like a charm. However.. you get the best result when you mix the sparkles through the paint. It’s rather difficult to work out how much to use because you will see how much you used when the paint dries. My advice? Use lots and lots! Also, and this might be obvious to you, but to me it really wasn’t: only use the sparkles in the final layer of your work.

So throwing glitter against the paint?

Throwing the sparkles against the wet paint? Jup, works as well, but you won’t be able to spread it eaqually, plus anybody who touches your art will sparkle for a day!

Of course you can’t judge something after only using it once, so I used them again. This time on some cabinets I made. Cabinets for kids, and to be honest, I really don’t care if their hands sparkle. So I threw ‘glitters’ all over the work. Shines like a pearl! One thing I didn’t account for was that when you cover your shiny artwork with a matt varnish, it won’t sparkle at all.. So don’t!

Thanks Verfglitters.nl

Verfglitters took the initiative to send me a whole lot of sparkles, to let me tinker with them. Couldn’t use them in every single work I make and while I am generally late with everything, this blog is no exception. Verfglitters waited quite a bit for this one. I am pleasantly surprised about how the stuff can shine up your work. Even better is that after you use it, you will always be able to see who has touched your work. Catch ‘m redhanded.. sparklehanded.. I don’t know. Gotcha!

Always remember: Bertie Bott`s Every Flavour Beans is no food for an artist.

Ciao regazzi!



verfglitters.nl gave me these sparkles to try for free

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