If your car breaks down in Basilicata, make sure to visit Carrozzeria Montesano to watch some awesome graffiti while Antonio fixes your wheels

From broken water pump to a logo on your wall

How I paid for repairing my graffitivan with what my momma gave me

Nooooo, my camper broke down. While driving from Sicily to Bari, the Benz was starting to sound like it was going to lift up any second.  All it was missing was wings. Sh*t, what now?! Before I even parked the van, about 3 or 4 tiny Italian gentlemen walked up to my window pointing at their forehead, while making that typical Italian gesture with their other hand. Open the hood is what they told me. Ok, will do. A mechanic was needed, so one of the elderly Italian dudes whipped out his Nokia 3310 and told some petrolhead to get there, pronto!

Painted logo and panzerotti

After 15 minutes, the mechanic was there and told me to turn on the engine. 3 seconds later he knew what the problem was, but he needed to order the part. So me and the crippled Benz waited. No need to complain, because the tiny Italian dudes all told their wives to cook us some pasta, resulting in a 4 course Italian dinner. Brilliant! After 3 days, the part was swiftly put into the Benz and we were good to go. Result: Humming Benz, Happy and broke me. So I asked the guy if we could work something out. Which turned out to be no problem. “Paint my wall and the water pump is yours”. Next day, after a splendid panzerotti-party back at the parking, I painted the logo on the wall of his garage. Paying with paint, perfecto! Grazie amico mio!

Satisfaction of paying with paint

Money, not for me. Every time I start the Benz’s engine, I’m going mental over the awesome roaring sound from under the hood. Ok ok, so the Benz could use some more color, I’m working on it. I’m rather busy 😉


Promise me this: when your car or camper or plane breaks down somewhere in Basilicata, go to my new friend Antonio at Carrozzeria Montesano, because you’ll get to watch some awesome graffiti, while he fixes your wheels: https://www.facebook.com/carrozzeriamontesano2015/

I paint to express, not to impress.



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