Me and my latest piece

Streetart that will amaze loads of travelers

The graffitivan and my latest piece at an awesome camperplatz

The owner built a brand new wall. Logically, I asked him in my best Italiano: “Should I paint it?!” Street Art turned out to be the two magical words. Whoopwhoop! Popped my spraycans out of the back and got to work. A 30 meter long wall, with little palm- and banana trees in front of it. When I finished the wall, all the owner and his wife could say was “Belisimo”. It was still quiet at the camping during weekdays. Looking forward to see the reactions of the big camper drivers during the weekend.

Birds! Because colorful graffiti is f*ing awesome

Have you seen my portfolio? Here’s a link if you haven’t: Wall & Stuff. Different right? Saw some flamingos when I was in a park a few weeks back. Ever notice that they look like worms with wings when they fly? This wall is 30 meters long. Enough to soak up all of the paint I have, so completely filling the wall wasn’t really an option. We’re heading for Albania in a week and I have no idea where to buy my favorite brand of paint there. So no wall filling mural. Also, it would have taken me forever to finish it. Besides, I’ve always liked the rugged look of concrete, so this turned out to be the perfect wall to try something new. Why birds? Well, the small palm trees and banana leaves in front of it, give the wall a kind of junglish look. Thought I would profit from that by painting some exotic animals. Birds of course have feathers which gave me the perfect opening to let the birds emerge from some chaotic expressive abstract linework. This wall was so enjoyable that I finished it in less than a day. Anybody else need some birds? Hit me up at

My motto during this one?

“Drink some coffee. Put on some gangster rap. Handle that shit.”

Saluti tuti!


P.S. If you’re curious, check it out at Aurora Parking, Giardini Naxos, Sicily

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