Creating art in the heart of the company

A painting that makes all the colleagues at the office smile

There is a big white wall in front of me. The only thing on it is an even whiter whiteboard. It’s the wall of the sales department of an IT-company in Haarlem. Did I already mention the wall is big and white? And very empty. For now. Whoohoo, big empty white walls: my favorite! Work for me to do. Task? Make it cool. Make it fun. Make it Successfully!

A fun mural for my ex-colleagues

Before I became a freelance artist, I worked at this very IT-company. The sales guys were my direct colleagues. The day I told them I would quit my job, they told me they were about to move to another location. With a lot of white walls…

My former boss said “I’m in!” and gave me the assignment to transform this boring wall into a fresh and exciting party. On one condition: he wanted me to reserve a place in the mural for the company values. Okidoki, I’m on it! Another mural on demand.

All I needed was a sharpy and some paint

I chose my weapons and created this very fun bookcase. All in black with subtle details in orange and blue. The Successfully-colors. The cool thing about this mural is that it will never bore you. It just keeps surprising you with new elements. And the combination between fine and bold lines brings depth into the drawing, you see? You just can’t keep your eye off of it. You need to look at it, but it won’t distract you from doing your job. Seems perfect, doesn’t it?

“But.. but.. why is there a pizza in the bookcase?”

“Well.. Real G’s move in silence, like lasagna!”

I’m out! 


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