I have my own office

I am a freelance creative artist

Why? Because I choose to do what I love the most

Some fun facts about myself… I was a cook once. After highschool I went to hotel management school and became a sous chef after. I’ve worked in great hotels, big restaurants and I even lived in Switzerland for a while. But I always thought it would be smart to have a more stable and mature job. So I went back to school and became an office guy, with a laptop and a mobile phone.

Today… today I said goodbye to the office. Goodbye 9 to 5 and goodbye to my boss. Whoohoo! I decided to follow my heart. For real this time.

Drawing, painting and some design work

As if I was born with a pencil in my hand. Ouch, such a cliché. But in my case, not a lie at al. I love drawing. I’ve loved it ever since I was a kid. On everything. It drove my mom crazy. And the cleaning lady as well. After colorful crayons I started to use paint, spray cans and professional markers. And up until today no canvas, wall or paper has been safe. I want to create art. Always. On everything.

I want to work as an artist

Using my creative mind.. I love it! You can wake me up in the middle of the night to paint a mural or to draw something on the blackboard in your kitchen. I will. Even in pj’s. But.. but.. Could this be a real way of life? Can I make a living with this creative handicap? Jeez.. this is scary!! A lot of questions. Just one answer: I can try!!

So now I am a professional artist. Fulltime

Today. I said au revoir to my former colleagues, the big boss and the office. Goodbye boring quotations! Bye bye serious grown up job! It’s time for a new life. An even more serious and grown up one. One full of uncertainties. Doubts. For sure. There is one thing I am 100% sure of. I’m doing what I love and it’s impossible to fail without trying. I breathe art!

Keep your eyes open… because I’ve set my laser from stun to kill!

To infinity and beyond!



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