Bavo Street Art!

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Street Art workshop for kids

Did you know that painting was invented before prostitution? No? Me neither. Don’t know if this is really the case. However, some guys, some time ago, found some paintings in caves and they turn out to be really old. Really? Yes, really. I told the kids this exact story.. Well, to be honest, not exactly, of course I prepared some slides and told the story a little bit better. While I told the story, the kids were on the edge of their chairs. When they got overexited, Liset would tell them to zip it. Cool!

Let’s make some art together

Jup, that’s what they seemed to be waiting for all along. The kids want some action, no boring history lessons about who painted what and where you can find.. shut it. Let’s make some goddamn art! Told the kids to make up a universe. An infinite, enormous, huge, well you get the point. “Paint a background!” is what I shouted. Not really though. I’m not that strict. Newspaper turned into planets and moons. Paint turned into stars. The kids drew and cut out their own stencils and came up with the most amazing stuff to float through their universe.

Amazing experience – thanks y’all!

So this was my first workshop and maybe I even started with the most critical critics I could possibly get. Every time, three weeks long it has been a mayor party. I believe the kids liked it too. Also important. The hands flying in the air when I asked them something. Gijs, who called me to tell me he found one of my works. Tobias, who wore his graffiti hat specially for the workshop. Thanks St. Bavo and thanks Liset!

And to the kids, keep painting and finally send me some of the pictures of the framed works. Ow and remember:

It ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none.



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