One whole weekend and a lot of paint and energy went into this wall

This graffiti turned the living room around!

A paint job that made this living room ‘artsome’!

Wanna know what I did last weekend? I’ve painted a 36 m2 wall in somebody’s brand new house. Brand new? Yup, like brand brand new. There hasn’t even been a housewarming yet. For sure my huge painting is going to blow away everyone at that housewarming party next week. The mere size of it is so impressive, let alone the flamboyant colors.

Diner in a spray painted sunflower field

The coolest colors turn the living room and kitchen into a Mediterranean landscape. From today on, these people cook their dinners in een sunflower field, they eat next to a small lake and they watch tv in a wide field of grass and flowers. The colorful sunset makes it intense, romantic and real. The sleek interior ensures a fierce contrast with the intense colors of the landscape. It’s that unique combination that tilts the entire living room to a higher level.

48 spraycans turned this wall into a real artwork

48 spray cans, blood, sweat and my whole weekend are in this wall. Funny story: While I was doing the work, there was a party going on at the neighbors’. The guests saw what I was doing so they all came by to watch me work and wait for the great disclosure. The wall became my business card, the living room became my very own gallery. The best marketing I can get, right? Thanks Bart and Michelle for this amazing opportunity and the awesome music!

If there was a problem

Yo, I’ll solve it

Check out the wall while my spraycan revolves it

I’m out!


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